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Kevin Donahue

Under the Helmet with Kevin Donahue

“I would rather be racing.” This statement definitely applies to Kevin Donahue. At 18 years old, Kevin has experienced racing karts, Bandoleros, Legends cars, IMCA Southern Sport Modifieds, and ASA Trucks. In 2007, he was the Indiana Speedrome Bandolero champion and INEX “Young Guns” points winner in Missouri, in 2011 he was the INEX "Semi Pro" points winner in Missouri also and finished 12th out of 388 nationally ranked drivers for the INEX Legends Semi Pro division.

Besides racing, Kevin occasionally enjoys driving RC cars but has decided to stay out of any major hobbies or sports that would cut into his Legend car series. Even though Kevin does not play any other sports he still makes sure he is in good shape for racing.

People that know him say that Kevin is a funny, genuinely nice guy. Kevin is a hard worker, spending many hours at his race shop building and maintaining his racing machines.

Career Biography for Kevin Donahue

Kevin was 10 years old when he first raced a TaG 60cc kart at I55 Raceway in Pevely, Missouri. He started out like most rookies, but quickly improved to a top five finish every time he raced.

During his 2nd year of racing, Kevin began to travel around the Midwest racing at many different local tracks such as Road America, Gingerman and Iowa Speedway. He also moved up to an 80cc shifter kart. Kevin says, “I really liked being able to drive faster. I could reach speeds near 105mph at some of the large road race courses.”

During his third season of racing, Kevin was hit with many surprises and exciting moments, which included driving a 125cc shifter kart and a 125cc TaG, as well as driving a Bandolero car for the first time. Kevin learned how to switch driving styles from a very responsive racing kart to a car with low rpm’s and high torque. Kevin drove the Bandolero in a series called the KOIL Tour and with lots of hard work, he managed to finish sixth in the series and also win the Indiana Speedrome Bandolero Championship. Kevin was also the INEX “Young Guns” point’s winner for the state of Missouri.

In his fourth season, Kevin raced both karts and Legends cars. One of his best moments in Karting came at the first race of the season. “It was at Gateway International in Saint Louis, Missouri, where I live. I won all of my races in both TaG 125jr and shifter.”

The 2009 year ended with an amazing experience in Las Vegas at the Supernationals where he finished 7th. When asked about this event, Kevin said, “It was so awesome to compete in a week long major racing event among the absolute top drivers in the world.”

The 2010 year, Kevin worked hard to improve his racing skills, with a lot of focus on Legends racing. After the season was coming to an end Kevin started driving a different car and immediately saw the results. The final race of the season had 3rd, 4th, and 5th up for grabs in points. Thanks to his Sister Angela, he raced her car and finished 3rd for the Fast Midwest series. Kevin and Angela were involved in a major crash the weekend prior and she sat out the last weekend of the season to allow her brother to compete for position. The busy season also included a week in Charlotte competing in the Legends Million. Kevin ended the year with an Arena dirt race in Graham Texas to further expand his experience.

2011 started with racing s in Texas in their winter series and was the series champion. February started off with a trip to Florida for the Winter Nationals for a week of Legend racing. The year also included racing an IMCA Southern Sport Modified on dirt and an ASA Truck on asphalt. Kevin also competed Charlotte in the Summer Shootout and finished 5th in the Las Vegas Nationals.

2012 started with testing in his new Late Model with Alex and Gene Roberts of AROB. Kevin was able to experience a full size car and what it takes to run 100 laps with door to door racing the entire race. He ended the season with the confidence and skills to compete in the Snowflake Derby in Pensacola, Florida. He was running in the top 10 in all of the practice sessions but had an unfortunate incident in qualify. With the right sponsor, Kevin could move into an ARCA or a K&N car. He would be working with Gene and Alex Roberts. Gene was the crew chief of NASCAR champion and hall of fame inductee- Bill Elliot.

Currently Kevin is focusing on finding a sponsorship to make this all possible and to contiue with Alex and Gene of AROB.

2013 has started off on the right foot. Kevin's Dad is bringing the team back to a great place. The place where it all started and the main reason his family got into racing, to have fun. So far as of June 20 Kevin has finished in the top 5 of every legend race he has competed.

He thinks about his future and would want to reach his ultimate goal of racing in NASCAR. Kevin says, “Every weekend I race hard and try to make smart decisions. I push myself to higher levels in order to reach my goals.”

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