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Angela Donahue applies for Drive for Diversity


I just want to say how proud I am of my daughter, Angela, for having the motivation to go through the application process for the Drive for Diversity program. Angela has been racing consistently for the past 6 years, however, this summer she chose to take some time off. She just finished up her freshman year in high school and wanted to spend time doing other things for a while.
A few weeks ago, our family took a trip to Charlotte, North Carolina to visit her brother who is there racing his Legends car, and Angela caught "race fever" ! She really enjoys being at the track and wants to get back in the driver's seat. She said she would love to spend next summer at the track racing her Legends car along with her brother.
As soon as we returned home, Angela took it upon herself to go to the Drive for Diversity website and find out what to do for an application. She filled out all the forms and made a video by herself and sent it all in.
I am happy to see her acting so independently and I am excited to see her race again. Angela is a really good driver, she has what it takes to be competitive. It has been said that she is a smart driver, she is able to hear advice and turn right around and make necessary changes to her driving style in order to improve. Angie has spent many hours up at the shop working on her car, so she has a good understanding of the mechanics of the vehicle as well.
Good Luck to you, Angela!! I hope the people at Drive for Diversity see what a wonderful asset you will be to their team!!

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